Clarity. Warmth. Punch

Providing you with a final mix and master to be proud of.


We specialise in mixing and mastering for electronic dance music. Our in house engineers combine their 20+ years experience and superior technical facilities to deliver you with a professional final master. No two tracks are the same, so each master is carefully analysed and processed. Your mix will be full of space, depth and punch. Ready to be presented to your favourite record labels or to play out at the club.


Stereo Mastering

Maximising the sonic potential of your mix down.

Delivering you a commercially loud final mix.

Stem Mastering.

Stem mastering gives us more to work with than with stereo mastering.

Each stem is processed and balanced to fit into the mix. Improving the overall result of the final master.

Maximum of 6 audio stems. Drums, Percussion, Bass, Synths, FX & Vocals etc.

Mixing & Mastering.

Mixing & Mastering allows us to have the greatest control over the final master.

Having access to a higher number of stems allows us to process and balance your mix to the highest level.

Maximum of 24 audio stems. All of your elements that make up your final mix.