Afro & Tech By Akimoto



Afro & Tech By Akimoto

After the incredible “Afro House by Akimoto”, we present “Afro & Tech by Akimoto” – a rich collection meticulously crafted by Akimoto: Musician, DJ, Sound Designer and Sound Engineer with over two decades of experience.

Afro & Tech by Akimoto sample pack encapsulates the essence of the genre, offering a range of sounds created to fill your tracks with rhythmic and organic elements. 

Instruments and Percussions was professionally recorded and processed in analog hardwares: SSL AWS 948 delta, SSL Compressor XR728, LOOPTROTTER MONSTER COMPRESSOR, Electra Audio 1176, Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 II.
Among the instruments recorded are: Cajon, Berimbau, Pandeiro, Saz, Koto, Agogô, Tabla, Xequerê and more.

Whether you’re diving into Afro House, Tech House or exploring other house subgenres, these samples seamlessly integrate into your creative process and are perfect to add groove and authenticity to your productions.

All content is high-quality, compatible with all DAWS and 100% royalty-free. Get now and start work on your next Afro-Tech masterpiece!


100% royalty-free

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Size: 274MB (Unzipped)


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