Brazilian Bass Pro



Brazilian Bass Pro

“Brazilian Bass Pro” is an incredible pack inspired by artists of great success: Vintage Culture, Adam k, Tiesto, Bruno Martini, Joy Corporation, Dubdisko, Cat Dealers, Kvsh, Chemical Surf, Clubbers, Breaking Beattz, among other great producers of the genre.

This pack contains 10 Ableton Projects, including 2 soundbanks for Serum and Massive synthesizers with all presets used in the projects.

07 of the 10 projects are remakes of tracks of great success and millions of streams on Spotify:
Vintage Culture, Adam K – Pour Over (28 million)
Vintage Culture & Clubbers – Memories (22 million)
Tiesto – Grapevine (19 million)
Vintage Culture, Adam K – Save Me (feat. MKLA) (11 million)
Cat Dealers, Bruno Martini, Joy Corporation – Gone Too Long (6 million)
KVSH – Jogo do Amor (feat. Calé) (3 million)
Chemical Surf, Dubdisko – I Wanna Do (3 million)

In addition to these remake projects of these super tracks, it also contains 03 original tracks projects following the influences of this style and its trends.
The projects are great source of study, imagine having access to the secrets of the elements and techniques used to create these great successes, with everything at your disposal to study, recreate, using your creativity and impelling ideas of new tracks.
In total, the pack contains 10 Ableton projects and 78 presets. The demo represents exactly the projects, everything you hear in it will have in Ableton.
Don’t wait anymore, this pack can be the ignition of your next super track!


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Size: 242 MB (Unzipped)

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