SOS Rio Grande do Sul

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The state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is facing the biggest climate disaster in its history.
Since the beginning of May, flash floods triggered by heavy rains and the overflowing of rivers to unprecedented levels have caused large-scale destruction.
Entire towns have been flooded, inundating streets, homes and businesses, taking with them not only material property, but also dreams, hopes and livelihoods. Roads were destroyed, many animals died and entire families were forced to abandon their homes in search of safety, while others faced the anguish of seeing everything they had built over the years washed away.
The consequences of the floods are profound and long-lasting. Many places are still flooded.

There are already more than 140 dead, more than 500,000 homeless and more than 100 people missing.
More than 90% of the state have been affected.

Donate and get the sample pack: Our way of saying thank you!


To express our deepest gratitude for your generosity, you will receive an exclusive sample pack made in partnership with 29 artists who made themselves available and joined us in this cause.


When you donate more than USD$5.00 or the equivalent in your currency, send the receipt via our Instagram or to our email: info@studiotronnic.com. You will receive the link to download the sample pack in your email within 24 hours.

(We ask for a minimum donation of 5 dollars. However, if you are in a position to contribute more, your generosity would be of great help to the state of Rio Grande do Sul).


 Use the links below to donate:


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For donations in dollars – USD, please go to https://donate.stripe.com/00g4j4cqi3Jib8kbII


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For donations in euro – EUR, please go to https://donate.stripe.com/4gw16Sdum7Zyb8k9AC

What's included in the sample pack?

There are 1700 files, including:

• Samples;

• Presets;

• MIDI files;

• Ableton projects;


Size: 4,5 GB (Unzipped)


You will have files created by artists:


Bhaskar • Curol • Flux Zone • Albuquerque • Zuffo • Sterium • Bolth

Bakka • Kohen • André Gazolla • Deadline • Flakke • Santti • Andre Sarate 

Cancci • Carmee • Cic • Coppola • Brian Cohen • Dai • From96 • Mau Maioli • Sone 

Pernambuco • Sarza • Skapi • Truppel • Arn • Roni Florek 



You can make a real difference to the lives of those who have lost everything. Your contribution will help provide shelter, food, drinking water, medical assistance and other essential resources.


Questions? Get in touch!

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